2011 Happened

This past year has been full of major changes and small victories. I’ve started doing multimedia work from a new home office, in addition to my day job of designing masks for chip photo-lithography. I’ve put out many pages of my webcomic, created a new website, and learned a lot. I completed the AI Class from ai-class.com and several online classes in game programming. I’ve participated in Ludum Dare twice, though neither time was I successful in producing a game by the deadline. Committing to participating at all was a small victory, however.

In the coming year 2012, I’ll be taking many more classes from the Stanford and Berkeley instructors providing online education this quarter. I’ll be designing games for HTML5 and Java. There may be some cooking classes. I’ll be working harder on writing about myself, something I find very difficult… I have to fight my self-effacing nature while trying not to sound arrogant. I imagine anyone reading anything I’ve written by means of self-promotion probably thinks I’m a braggart in person, and that’s not who I am or the impression I want to give. I need to flesh out this website, so I can let the games I create speak for themselves. And I need to make games that say what I want to say instead of games that say “guess which book on flash programming I read”.

Here is to a productive, educational, gameful new year.