MSG screenshotThe world needs more Match 3 type games, don’t you agree? Here is an idea for a simple one to follow the Ludum Dare 26 theme: minimalism. If all goes well, it will be created within the next 32 hours. Much of the credit for this idea goes to my partner.

The game will take place on a grid of blocks, much like most most match 3 games. Each block will have a few different characteristics. One example I’m considering is the symbols from playing cards, for example one block might be the 8 of hearts, another the king of clubs. Play proceeds by swapping any two blocks / cards. If the grid after the swap contains any threes of a kind in a horizontal or vertical row, such as AH AH AC (three aces, assuming multiple decks in the shoe), or if there are three of the same symbol in a row, like AH KH 3H, those three blocks will be removed and the player will score points!

So essentially it’s a match 3 game with the twist of having multiple ways to match. In the extreme, this could be done with colors, symbols, And numbers like the game “Set”. I could even add the rule, like Set, that if the three in a row are either all different or all the same for each of the three properties, it counts as a match, but that would be Very Confusing.

My attack plan is to use simple JavaScript and HTML (with html5 canvas) to create this game, with the simplest graphical implementation that makes sense (again in keeping with the theme). Maybe even ascii?

Bullslime Game Notes

Bullslime is a game that was started as a Ludum Dare entry, but never got off the drawing board. It may end up being a game of the month for #1GAM one of these months, though so far (due to intensive contract searching), I haven’t even made one game of the month.

greenslimeWorking Title: Bullslime

You are the simplest of fantasy creatures, a lowly slime. One day, while peacefully foraging for lichens in the fields, you suddenly grow a pair of horns, like a demon or a… bull. You are now a bullslime.

Fearing your strange transformation and the aura of evil now wafting from your slimepores, all of the creatures and heroes in your world, including the other slimes, start doing their best to kill you.

So, you do what you must: Kill them first. Use the power in your new horns to take control of your enemies, or simply stick them with the pointy ends.

As the game goes on (or in the starting cut-scene), you learn the truth: a summoner of great power was trying to draw a big bad demon into the world, but he was defeated and the not yet corporeal demon was dispersed, part of its power (and its horns) grafting itself to you.

Gain more power by defeating (or bargaining with?) other creatures, notably elemental slimes of greater power. You were a grass slime, but you can take on the powers of water slimes, fire slimes, lightning slimes, maybe even silver and gold slimes (slimes times slimes equals slimes), but if you try to combine too many disparate natures before you are strong enough, things may go horribly awry.bullslime

Target platforms: this is likely to be an HTML5 game, possibly based on crafty.js, though I might also go with flash or stencyl. I had started it in HTML5 but didn’t get very far before other things (like eating, sleeping, and DnD) interrupted.


2011 Happened

This past year has been full of major changes and small victories. I’ve started doing multimedia work from a new home office, in addition to my day job of designing masks for chip photo-lithography. I’ve put out many pages of my webcomic, created a new website, and learned a lot. I completed the AI Class from and several online classes in game programming. I’ve participated in Ludum Dare twice, though neither time was I successful in producing a game by the deadline. Committing to participating at all was a small victory, however.

In the coming year 2012, I’ll be taking many more classes from the Stanford and Berkeley instructors providing online education this quarter. I’ll be designing games for HTML5 and Java. There may be some cooking classes. I’ll be working harder on writing about myself, something I find very difficult… I have to fight my self-effacing nature while trying not to sound arrogant. I imagine anyone reading anything I’ve written by means of self-promotion probably thinks I’m a braggart in person, and that’s not who I am or the impression I want to give. I need to flesh out this website, so I can let the games I create speak for themselves. And I need to make games that say what I want to say instead of games that say “guess which book on flash programming I read”.

Here is to a productive, educational, gameful new year.